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About Us

Supporting Abilities For Everyone (S.A.F.E) is a family owned business, based in Melbourne, with over 10 years of experience in the Disability Support industry. We have grown from a single support worker into a network of services providing personal care, community-based support, assisted living and specialty services for people with complex needs. It is important that our business reflects some of our key values in life; trust, compassion and empathy among others. As our name suggests, we are proud to support people of all abilities and our caregivers in their journey to provide the best possible outcome for your loved ones.

At S.A.F.E, we help people with disabilities achieve their goals by providing them with the resources and support that they need, whether that's with daily living, recreational and leisure activities, or more intensive medical care. We understand that everyone is unique and everyone’s circumstances are different. S.A.F.E. are honoured to be part of the disability community, working alongside our participants' families and other community members to help bring about change in our participants' lives.

Our goal is to provide trustworthy and passionate care, individualised to participants needs. As a person-centred service provider, it is our firm belief that all people are valued as individuals with unique strengths, skills and abilities. We seek to understand each person's preferences and desires in order to help them grow and develop. Services are available for both children and adults, including 24-hour supervision, in-home or community-based care. Ultimately, we want to provide support that enables participants to achieve their goals and live, learn, work and play as they choose. All of our services are provided in an atmosphere of respect, dignity and quality care. Most importantly, this should always be a safe and secure environment for both our participants and staff.

At S.A.F.E. we go above and beyond for our participants and families to meet their needs and expectations. Our focus is on building relationships with our participants and their families, because we know that strong relationships lead to improved outcomes for all involved. As a result, we take a comprehensive approach towards supporting our participants by addressing all of their individual needs – physical, emotional and social – through a variety of services tailored specifically for them. We work hard with our participants, families and staff from our first interaction, to build relationships based on understanding, trust and a shared passion for providing the best care possible. We will work with the participant and their family to identify and assign support workers with the qualities that they desire.

We hire staff who want to make a difference. Our commitment to our participants is that we provide support workers who share our passion for helping others, live up to our high standards for care, and represent our values and work ethic. Every S.A.F.E. employee has been through our rigorous screening process. Every member of our team should demonstrate our commitment to providing honest, trustworthy care that’s tailored to meet participant needs. We value your happiness and satisfaction with our service; if at any stage you are unhappy with the service or an assigned support worker, please provide us with this feedback. All feedback is encouraged and welcomed. We will work with you to resolve any issues should they arise. For any queries or for more information, please feel free to contact us.
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